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Welcome to AdoptanAnt.co.uk the 1st Ant adoption agency on the internet. Have you always wanted a pet but just don't have the time to look after it. Well if that's the case this is the pet for you. Adopt your very own ant today for only 1.

This would make an ideal Christmas gift for any one of any age. Get them something different this year adopt them an ant.

The Story
Well my name is Patrick and I have recently moved into my new home. 

After moving in I have seen there is a large ants nest at the bottom of my garden. In this ants nest there are 1 million ants living there. 

All the ants are happy go lucky ants with there own Unique personality, 

The problem is the plan was to flag my back garden and this would destroy the nest and all the ants.

To save these Ants from DEATH please adopt an ant TODAY.

the money raised will go to preserving the nest of 1 million ants and making my garden ant friendly, there for saving the ants from certain DEATH.


What You Get
For your 1 you will receive by email a adoption certificate with your name and the ants name on. Also you will receive a certificate of your ants Unique Profile, the profile and adoption certificate will be blue if its a boy ant and pink if its a girl ant. The profile will have the following information on it.

Ants name:

Ants age:

Ants sex:

Ants personality:

Ants interests:

and more.....

You will also receive an ants fact sheet with loads of information and facts about ants. 

The fact sheet and adoption certificate can be printed off as a keeps safe and proof you are the proud adopter of one of the 1 million ants up for adoption. 

If you want you can pick the name and sex of the ant just email me the details after buying. You can also select who's name will go on the adoption certificate, so if your adopting as a gift you can have there name on the adoption certificate. 

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Not only do you get all that above but you also get the opportunity to advertise a website or web link of your choosing on the adoption list page. Just think you can link to anything you like (as long as there are no adult contents on the site) your website, your ebay shop, your ebay listings. your my space or face book, your favorite website the list go's on and on, the possibilities are endless.

If you adopt an ant you will have your name and a link to a website of your choice added to this adoption list. If you adopt the most ants in one go your name and link will be added to the top of every page on this website and ebay listings.

Your link will stay on the website for as long as the website is on the internet, I can guarantee the website will be on the internet for a minimum of 4 years from January 2008. so that's 4 years advertisement for your website or web link. 

Once your link has been added it can not be changed. the only way to get a new link added is to adopt another ant or ants.

Its one link per order no mater how many ants you adopt, if you want more then one link then you will need to buy ants ant different times. But the more ants you adopt in one go the higher up in the list you will be. if you have adopted the most you will be added to every page of this website until some one adopts more ants then you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


To adopt your very own ant please click the button below and remember to include the name and web address you want adding to the website.

Thanks from Patrick & the 1 million ants up for adoption.

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